Novartis Pharma GmbH Deutschland

“Ms. Seischab possesses excellent project management know how. Her performance in the area of project coordination as well as her customer-oriented consultancy work on international level has been really amazing. She is a fast decision-maker, able to act on opportunities and delivers quick implementations. In her role as project leader, she gives clear guidance and sets challenging targets. Ms. Seischab is highly stress-resistant and is able to coordinate and motivate all project members to achieve common goals.
Her outstanding know how in the area of efficient use and utilization of mobile devices such as Blackberry, cell phones and laptop data cards was a huge asset for her work.
The cooperation with Ms. Seischab was always characterized by mutual respect and trust in dealing with people. She easily managed to facilitate high level and challenging meetings and conferences, also on virtual basis and with multicultural attendance, in a highly goal-oriented way, also thanks to her excellent English language skills. Her communication style was open, clear, comprehensive, timely and consistent. She always acted on and honoured her own commitments. And last but not least: Even in the most stressful moments she was fun to work with.”