I worked with Inga over the course of eighteen months in M&A IT at Novartis. I always found Inga to be very transparent and proactively share her knowledge to ensure everyone was working with the same information. She was very collaborate and sought out the feedback and contributions of others to ensure the perspectives of all stakeholders were incorporated. And, at the same time, she remained driven to the timely delivery of her objectives and those of the team. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future.

Novartis Pharma AG

Inga is working with me in the complex merger and acquisitions area. She proves her experience and professionalism on a daily basis. Structure, discipline and self-management enables her to meet joint objectives. She fits perfectly well in the team and is well accepted by all team members. I hope she continues to work with us and will always recommend and choose her for similar tasks / projects.

Novartis Pharma AG

‘Incredibly effective’ are the first words that come to mind when I think of Inga. She and I have worked together on two programs. Most recently, she worked on the team supporting Novartis’ IT Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments. No matter what she is working on, Inga always manages to create organization out of turmoil, and does so while creating a positive atmosphere for everyone involved. She is extremely perceptive, thoughtful and detail oriented. Inga would be a great asset to any program or operations team.

Novartis Pharma AG

I have the pleasure to work with Inga in a highly complex M&A IT environment at Novartis. She is a great contributor in managing the complex change management processes in global scale mergers in IT. She is always committed to exceed expectations and delivers constantly high quality work in parallel with being a great team player. Inga's proactive attitude and result orientation together with great fresh ideas made the difference in the delivery of this program to the organization

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

It is my pleasure to recommend Inga Seischab as Change Management Coordinator at Deutsche Lufthansa AG for a Customer Feedback Management and Sales Programme. Inga successfully managed Change Manager Coordinator role. Inga is highly respected by her colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the plethora of personalities involved in this programme Her enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize her project staff. She is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project. Inga is very calm and collected under pressure. She has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills.

She was always able to focus on the stated objectives of the project and prioritize every task necessary to accomplish the desired end result. From there she assigned the right individuals for each small task and provided detailed instructions, encouragement and advice and so that each project staff member had a clear direction and took part in the overall success of the project. She would be a top choice for any team.

Vodafone Deutschland AG

The first time I met Inga was when I was working at Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt as a Quality and Test Manager. My initial impression was: Seasoned Project Manager being really polite and charming, strong at meeting timelines with excellent communication skills. Later in another engagement at Vodafone, we were part of the same Programme Management Office team for the re-launch of Vodafone TV in Germany.

Dino Liquito

I worked with Inga in the context of a global quality and compliance program (Quality@GC IT) for Global Commercial IT with Novartis Pharma AG where she worked as a Change, Communications and PMO Manager. In this role she was responsible for Stakeholder and Communication Management (communication planning and delivery) as well as Transition and Organizational Change Management. In addition, she ran the PMO, helping to set up governance and to establish the required structure to support the client Program Manager in his role.

Novartis Pharma AG

I had the great pleasure of working with Inga as the Programme Manager for Novartis (the client) on a global telecommunications outsourcing programme. Since the programme was already underway, Inga was extremely helpful in getting me up to speed. Her help and assistance were always freely given when asked. Of the many positive qualities this was one of the first I encountered.

Right from the start I was impressed by Inga´s impeccable project management expertise. In addition to being structured and organised she has great analytical abilities. Her excellent communication and interpersonal skills prove very helpful in every situation. In the multicultural environment she always found the right balance/cultural sensitivity for the situation at hand and the people involved.

Novartis Pharma AG

Inga is a very ordered, thorough and disciplined project manager. She was instrumental in establishing professional PMO structure on the project and ensuring that things are documented properly and actions completed. She is a very effective facilitator ensuring that all views are considered and ensuring that the meeting achieves its objectives. She is also excellent at preparing high quality communications.

Novartis Pharma AG

Inga worked as a communication manager on a complex IT program. She filled her role and position effectively and delivered a superior end-to-end service and related products with the required quality and within the scheduled timeframe.
Besides continuously demonstrating a professional attitude and workstyle Inga also had an integrative effect on the whole team through her friendly disposition and interpersonal skills. Great results, great value!

Syngenta AG

Inga shows a rare combination of project management skills with a broad communication background. Excellent networker with the ability to involve and influence the key people for the project success. She is very proactive and always shares ideas and information. Result orientated, she can get commitment from her team and other stakeholders.

Syngenta AG

I have appreciated the opportunity to work with Inga on a joint project this year. She has been exceptionally diligent as a project manager, undeterred by challenges, and professional in every aspect of her work. Her attention is equally given to inputs as to outcomes, and she is uncommonly focused in her leadership. I found in her a reliable and committed partner and am glad I had the chance to work alongside her.

Syngenta AG

I found Inga to be very proactive and result oriented which gave her a great start in the complex program she worked on. Inga always demonstrated eagerness to contribute, learn new things as well as help others. Her advanced organizational and planning skills together with broad communication experience made our meetings exceptionally productive. Most importantly, it was always very easy to work with her given her openness to new ideas and professional but relaxed and friendly attitude.

Syngenta AG

I found Inga to be a highly motivated and skilled project manager, full of fresh ideas, approaches and different perspectives. Inga’s work was always meticulously prepared and I found her to have a thoroughly professional attitude in every aspect of her work whilst remaining fun to work with. Inga has a commendable work ethic, focuses on getting a job done and delivers in impressive timescales. Her leadership qualities ensured all the right people were at the table to make decisions and I would gladly work alongside Inga elsewhere given the opportunity.

Syngenta AG

Inga provided excellent organisation and communication on the project we worked on together.

RWE Supply & Trading

Thank you for your support on our programme. I do believe that you made a significant impact to the programme, instantly on your arrival. There was very poor governance and control in place before you arrived and this clearly improved in a very short space of time
We also had two excellent rollouts in London and Swindon and to be honest teething problems in Essen that has taken the shine off a very successful programme of work.
Your contribution to this success is recognised and can I take this opportunity to thank you for your work and commitment and wish you every success for the future.

Gershon Pollatschek, Global Sourcing, IT / Novartis Pharma AG

“The team and I enjoyed working with Inga and would be pleased to do so again in similar circumstances….(Inga Seischab is) very professional, efficiently structured and straightforward…(She has) experience and skills in intercultural projects, capability to manage country teams (and the) ability to adjust to different workstyles. Inga made sure that objectives remained in focus and could be achieved…A proactive attitude, high commitment and efficiency characterize (Inga Seischab´s) project work…(She) quickly understood the highly company-specific environment of the IT organization and applied this knowledge successfully.
(Inga Seischab) substantially contributed to the success of this project. For this reason I can recommend Inga extensively for similar positions.”

Novartis Pharma GmbH Deutschland

“Ms. Seischab possesses excellent project management know how. Her performance in the area of project coordination as well as her customer-oriented consultancy work on international level has been really amazing. She is a fast decision-maker, able to act on opportunities and delivers quick implementations. In her role as project leader, she gives clear guidance and sets challenging targets. Ms. Seischab is highly stress-resistant and is able to coordinate and motivate all project members to achieve common goals.
Her outstanding know how in the area of efficient use and utilization of mobile devices such as Blackberry, cell phones and laptop data cards was a huge asset for her work.
The cooperation with Ms. Seischab was always characterized by mutual respect and trust in dealing with people. She easily managed to facilitate high level and challenging meetings and conferences, also on virtual basis and with multicultural attendance, in a highly goal-oriented way, also thanks to her excellent English language skills. Her communication style was open, clear, comprehensive, timely and consistent. She always acted on and honoured her own commitments. And last but not least: Even in the most stressful moments she was fun to work with.”

Vodafone Global Enterprise

“Based on her well-founded expertise in the area of Programme, Project and Change Management, she managed in a remarkably short time to set up solid PMO processes and to put in place the required structure for the Programme.…A key quality of her work is to engage the right people, achieve alignments even in difficult situations and to make people work and to deliver against their cornmitments.
Inga Seischab is a very honest and open person and exceptionally trustworthy. She is very self-confident and moves perfectly in all ranks of management in a highly international environment… Because of her valuable contribution to our IPTV programme I am pleased to write her this recommendation…”

Vodafone Global Enterprise (Outsourcing Partner for Novartis International AG)

“Inga is a very strong & focussed Programme Manager who can lead large multi-country programmes with a great drive through excellent organizational skills and using consistent programme methodology. Inga is very dedicated, responsive and in fully in control. She will look after the overall benefit of the programme without shying away from difficult discussions and/or decisions. I enjoyed working with Inga very much and look forward to doing so again in the future.”

Novartis Pharma AG

“Inga is a very experienced project manager who is focussed on reaching agreed targets as well as finding ways to improve activities in complex projects. She works methodically with excellent communication skills and is able to adopt to organizational structures, even in a multi-national, multi-cultural organization. Inga is a very reliable person who works with passion, is willing to go the extra mile, and manages high workloads both efficiently and effectively. Her interpersonal skills and humor makes her enjoyable to work with.”

Novartis Pharma AG

“Inga is a very professional Project/Program Manager with tremendous skills in that area. All activities are perfectly planned, monitored and delivered. Inga is able to manage really large projects in detail without losing the overview. She is reporting in a detailed and clear way that all stakeholders are fully aware of the progress of the program. She has the capability to also manage changes and challenges during a program. She is always flexible and willing to go the extra step. I want to thank Inga for her huge contribution to that program.”

Hays Schweiz AG Outsourcing Programme for Novartis International AG

“In her work for Novartis, Inga Seischab did an excellent job…Her performance was so convincing that after six months she was asked by the client to lead country implementation in addition to her role as a Programme Manager.
Inga Seischab (was) widely respected in the client organisation and recognised for her experience, her personality, her high quality standards and her commitment.
(She) is known to be a challenging but fair counterpart…(and) showed outstanding leadership capabilities and diplomatic skills….. Inga Seischab is very dependable, honouring her commitments and taking personal responsibility. In her business relationships she acts in a trustworthy and reliable manner (and)…we would be happy to employ Inga Seischab for any similar role in the future…”

Vodafone Global Enterprise (Outsourcing-Partner für Novartis International AG)

“I appreciated working with Inga, she confirmed everyday her capacity and talent being an excellent programme manager in a multicultural environment, seeking perfection, performance and delivery. She has a lot of communication and project management skills and broad expertise in managing complex programmes. Always very demanding but fair and focussed on delivery.”

Novartis Pharma AG US

“Inga is a very strong project manager who will "lock and reach the target" by any means necessary. I've found her to be very reliable and able to manage adverse scenarios and intense workloads consistently. I'm very thankful for her contribution, effort and passion supporting me on a very complex global program implementation and recommend her extensively.”

Bombardier Transportation AG

“Ms. Seischab was able to assimilate to and understand a very complex project environment within a very short timeframe and showed in-depth knowledge as weil as outstanding professional skills in the area of Change Management…Her courteous yet assertive personality very quickly earned her the trust and recognition of the team. She possesses excellent communication skills and showed high flexibility, and she was a positive and valuable support for our international team in every respect.”

Deutsche Telekom

“In her role as rollout manager, her main responsibilities (were) to plan and coordinate the implementation of IT platforms…Due to her solid project management knowledge and skills, Ms. Seischab was able to assume her new responsibilities very quickly and delivered high quality work throughout the duration of her assignment. In addition, Ms. Seischab took initiative in submitting innovative proposals for the optimization of existing rollout processes… She possesses good organizational skills, excellent communication skills and a high degree of assertiveness. Even under difficult conditions, she was able to drive the projects successfully, showing high engagement and commitment.“

T-Mobile International AG

“In her role as Test & Quality Manager/Partner Coordinator, Inga showed significant knowledge in these areas. Inga worked in a very professional way during this project and played a very active part in the team, working well with all team members….She…proved to be an invaluable support for me and her knowledge of Change Management was key in this particular Programme. Inga showed the commitment and pragmatic approach required to deliver to time and budget. I have no hesitation in giving my personal recommendation that Inga would be a valuable member of any team requiring the above mentioned activities.”

T-Systems AG

“In view of the prevailing extreme time constraints, Ms. Seischab´s performance was rated by the client as outstanding. She showed very high flexibility and commitment and by far exceeded the client´s expectations. She not only demonstrated her experience and competence in the area of project management but also offered intelligent solutions. She was appreciated for her diplomatic yet assertive personality.
Ms. Seischab made a substantial contribution to get the project set up and running smoothly and to enable the phase-in of subsequent activities. The client was highly appreciative of her work and performance and recommends her explicitly…”

Andreas Münchow, Head of Technical TMD; Gregor Plata, Functional Team Lead Revenue Management

“Ms. Seischab has broad and in-depth knowledge in the areas of Quality Management, Project Management and Test Coordination as well as good SAP know how…. She is always pro-active and keen to improve her own knowledge…and she manages to put this knowledge into practice immediately to provide solutions that are highly successful and well-accepted…
As the “interface” between development and business departments, working in QA requires special skills and diplomacy when dealing with very different types of personalities and requirements. Due to her good interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills, she did an excellent job in meeting those challenges. A major trait of her work is her remarkable assertiveness and persuasiveness as well as her outstanding know how.”

Adidas-Salomon AG

“The cooperation with Ms. Seischab was marked by a high degree of trust (and) reliability…Her outstanding communication skills as well as her professional assertiveness enabled her to drive the project efficiently even under difficult circumstances and to develop a solid basis for the setup of the company architecture. We very much appreciated her work and recommend her extensively for similar assignments.”

Schwetz Consulting

“Our cooperation with Ms. Seischab is based on leveraging synergies, trusting people and in the experience and knowledge of each other. This altogether should result in more successful projects and higher client satisfaction.”


“Ms. Seischab is able to identify the client´s issues in a relatively short timeframe and finds solutions for them. By her goal-oriented analytical and efficient workstyle…., matched against her experience from other projects and her sound objective analysis which solution will provide the safest (not the fastest) way to success, I would say she has helped many of her and our common clients.”

Heidelberg USA, Inc

“Inga Seischab was always very professional in her work. Her business acumen and her experience were a valuable contribution in meetings. She always took the right stance representing the interests of the company. Inga Seischab has proved with her work that she is a very committed and passionate personality who is always willing to go the “extra mile” to lead a project to success.”

Heidelberg China Ltd.

“Through her expert knowledge in the respective areas (Direct Marketing/Call Center) she was a tremendous support…. In all her work and actions, she put the interests and smooth implementation of the project in the center. Though our cooperation was not very long, we worked smoothly and achieved the set objectives with (a) draft rollout plan delivered. It´s been a very nice experience!”

CustomerConsulting Limited

“We have known Inga Seischab to be a very intelligent and competent person who has very good knowledge in her area of expertise (Call Center/CRM) and does a thorough and sound job. She understood the strategy and its implications and did not shy away to do the basic work needed to turn this strategy into practical reality.”

Pelzer & Associated Partners

“We appreciate Ms. Seischab for her clear and realistic judgment and her open and personable demeanour which has been honored by our clients. Her stamina, also in challenging situations, was always very impressive.”