Deutsche Lufthansa AG

It is my pleasure to recommend Inga Seischab as Change Management Coordinator at Deutsche Lufthansa AG for a Customer Feedback Management and Sales Programme. Inga successfully managed Change Manager Coordinator role. Inga is highly respected by her colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the plethora of personalities involved in this programme Her enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize her project staff. She is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project. Inga is very calm and collected under pressure. She has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills.

She was always able to focus on the stated objectives of the project and prioritize every task necessary to accomplish the desired end result. From there she assigned the right individuals for each small task and provided detailed instructions, encouragement and advice and so that each project staff member had a clear direction and took part in the overall success of the project. She would be a top choice for any team.