Vodafone Deutschland AG

The first time I met Inga was when I was working at Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt as a Quality and Test Manager. My initial impression was: Seasoned Project Manager being really polite and charming, strong at meeting timelines with excellent communication skills. Later in another engagement at Vodafone, we were part of the same Programme Management Office team for the re-launch of Vodafone TV in Germany.


At Vodafone, Inga has driven the whole Programme forward by setting clear rules and targets for everyone, chasing and challenging people to fulfill their commitments. Her outstanding communication and people skills were a major asset in this role. Inga controlled the whole reporting and communication stream to the upper management in a way that key topics were clearly stated and addressed to achieve a maximum of transparency for all participants. She also played a key role in setting up the risk management stream in cooperation with myself in my function as End-to-End Process Quality Lead in the PMO.

Especially worth noting are her patience and pro-active attitude in bringing topics forward and solving any potential misunderstandings right from the start before they could turn into issues, which was crucial to achieve the sometimes ambitious timelines of the overall Programme. Inga was unfailingly loyal to both Programme Management and Programme team members and acted as an integrative factor between all parties, even under high pressure. Inga is a good leader as much as a good teamplayer and worked effectively with stakeholders and individuals of all kinds, levels and types. With her in-depth and well-grounded understanding of organizational structures and effective collaboration, Inga was instrumental in shaping the Programme structure and establishing a common communication and working environment that was highly efficient and transparent.

All in all I can say Inga was and is the ideal solution for any high priority project with high management attention, tough timelines, complex teams and challenging stakeholders.

It was a pleasure working with Inga and I would be happy to work alongside her anytime again in the future.

Best wishes