Novartis Pharma AG

I had the great pleasure of working with Inga as the Programme Manager for Novartis (the client) on a global telecommunications outsourcing programme. Since the programme was already underway, Inga was extremely helpful in getting me up to speed. Her help and assistance were always freely given when asked. Of the many positive qualities this was one of the first I encountered.

Right from the start I was impressed by Inga´s impeccable project management expertise. In addition to being structured and organised she has great analytical abilities. Her excellent communication and interpersonal skills prove very helpful in every situation. In the multicultural environment she always found the right balance/cultural sensitivity for the situation at hand and the people involved.

Inga is a respected team leader but also a valued team player should the need arise. She exhibits drive and dedication and strives to find a solution to a problem in a pragmatic way („thinking out of the box“). Should it be necessary, she does not hesitate to take position but is fair in her assessment. I have found her to be always focused even in the face of immense time constraints and stressful situations.

Our discussions after hours were a treat and this interaction on a personal level spilled over into a very productive workplace. Her outgoing personality makes it fun to work with her.

I found Inga to be trustworthy, reliable, open and honest. I would describe her as a professional project manager with a human touch.

I very much enjoyed working with Inga on a professional and personal level and look forward to working with her on another project in the future!